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Maple Tree Tarot

"Using Tarot as a tool, I aim to empower clients to find their highest potential"

Choose a service to schedule

TAROT SALE 60 min - $40
TAROT SALE 30 min - $25
Tarot Reading (in person) - $50
Tarot Reading (in person) - $80
Tarot Reading (Skype) - $50
Tarot Reading (Skype) - $80
Email reading document (delivered within 2 business days) - $80
Tea leaf reading (Tasseomancy) - $50
Tarot Party - $240
$30 per person, minimum 8 people
Tea leaf reading party - $240
$30 per person, minimum 8 people
Corporate event - $240
Have a tarot reader at your next company function. Your clients and guests will get unlimited readings for three hours.
House Blessing/ Cleansing - $80
Answers From Your Ancestors - $80
Ever wish that you could have said something to a loved one before they passed away? Have you ever wanted answers from someone no longer with us? Now is your chance. Hallowe'en coincides with the Celtic High Day of Samhain, when many believe that our ancestors are closest to us. This is the ideal time to talk to your departed loved ones and obtain some closure, as I use tarot at as a tool. I will be offering these sessions from Monday, October 30th until Friday, November 3rd only. Sessions are $80 and take one hour. Prebooking is required.
Dream Analysis (emailed within 2 business days) - $50
Gift Certificate redemption (Skype) - $0
Directions 1291 Limberlost Road, London, ON, Canada