Maple Tree Tarot

"Using Tarot as a tool, I aim to empower clients to find their highest potential and live their best possible life"

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BACK TO SCHOOL (students and teachers) 1 hr - $50
September 1st-30th, half price tarot readings for teachers (active or retired) and students. Parentor guardian permission required under age 16.
BACK TO SCHOOL (students and teachers) 30 min - $30
Tarot Reading 60 mins - $100
Tarot Reading 30 mins - $60
Email tarot reading document (delivered within 5 business days) - $100
Custom spell writing - $25
Want to learn magick? Need some supernatural influence on an issue in your life? Give me a brief explanation of the issue, and I will write a detailed step by step instruction document for you. I will not do the spell for you. I will empower you to take control of your own life. Email delivered within 2 business days.
Dream Analysis (emailed within 2 business days) - $40
Palmistry - $40
Tea leaf reading (Tasseomancy) - $60
Party (Tarot, Tea Leaf or Palmistry) - $300
Corporate event - $300
House Blessing/ Cleansing - $100
Life Coaching Session 60 minutes - $100
Life Coaching Session 30 minutes - $60
Gift Certificate redemption (Skype) - $0
Coupon - $75
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